Seven-K Consulting offers:

insurance-coverage Seven-K specializes in commercial insurance. There is no business operation too big or small. We also offer Home, Auto, Motorcycle, Farm/ Ranch, Boat, RV/ Motor-home, and Umbrella Coverage. With 15+ years experience in the Insurance Industry you can count on Seven-K to make sure you are properly covered.
security-installations Security Installations for peace of mind at your home, your ranch, your vacation property, and workplace. With 7 years commercial video security systems installation, maintenance, and operation experience, Seven-K offers a service that can save you time, money, and provide a level of safety for you, your loved ones, and your property.
information-technology IT (Information Technology) Services cover a wide range of applications, from installation, testing, maintenance, and training for new hardware and software to custom-built platforms to specifically address your particular work needs. Seven-K has experience with power systems, data input driven applications, and output to printer or reporting for financial and operations oversight.
consulting-services Consulting Services can cover something from all Seven-K’s base functions, combining business set-up for optimal flow and security checks, merging information technology with security to oversee multiple locations and needs, and providing the most efficient coverage of risk to outlay to comply with regulations and still meet your budget.